All Red colored Flip Blades are Snow boxes.  Not to be confused with the Black Dirt Flip Blades.


Back Dragging
Land Clearing
Ditch Digging
Snow Clearing
Maintainer work
Clearing Brush
Terrace Work
Road grading
Debris clean-up
Backhoe Work


THE TOBIN SKIDSTEER FLIP BLADE made and Patented in the U.S.A. changes the game in Skidsteer blade technology forever. No entity outside the U.S.A. is licensed for resale. DO NOT BE FOOLED by overpriced international imitators. The Tobin Skidsteer Flip Blade will be the most versatile tool you own. Built tough and replaces multiple attachments! Saving you time, space and money. Making quick work of tough jobs. Built agile! Responsive and ultra-precise in the most delicate situations. 3 primary actions, Flipping, Angling & Tilting, give you an effective blade range at maximum capacity. Making the Tobin Skidsteer Flip Blade strong and effective in confined spaces, working efficiently and effectively no matter what sort of job your doing.

The Flip Blade for Skid Steer — Maryville, Missouri