The Tobin Flip Blade began as a whim of Jason Tobin. Tired of finding faults in existing skidsteer attachments, he started developing idea's of how to make one attachment do the work of ten costly ones.  With his contracting and engineering background and advanced design skills he started building prototypes until he finally realized the perfect machine.  

​Tobin Blade was founded 10 years ago with the intention of creating revolutionary and innovative skidsteer and dozer attachments.  The Tobin Skidsteer Flip blade was developed after years of research and development and granted a U.S. Patent in 2008.  Don't be fooled by foreign imitations that cost twice as much.  BUY the ORIGINAL Tobin Blade and get TOUGH jobs done faster, with more precision and a
fraction of the cost.


December 2009

We brought Dan on board to bring new blood and perspective. He delivered
by driving the the production staff
to new records.

May 2012

We launched our Snow Box and
surpassed all our sales records and have been expanding exponentially through out dealers in the USA.

Know who your dealing with.  The ORIGINAL TOBIN FLIP BLADE is manufactured in the USA.

(International Shipping Available)



JANuary 2004

The need for a more versatile dozer attachment was envisioned by Builder, Contractor & Inventor Jason Tobin. Jason immediately took the lead and founded Tobin Blades.

October 2008

We received our U.S. Patent and went into full production after four years of research, testing and development.